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Laura Thompson

"I think it's time to send him back to the island of misfit toys!!!"

"It doesn't have any popup controls!!!"

D. Cox

Can I trade this toy for the Big Al with Bozo hair model?

You can't keep a good man down...

D. Cox

I'm holding this in contempt.

I think this one is out of commission.

D. Cox

We're not bonding...

Michael Wyche

But Dad it's not my fault it's broken, every time I stuffed him back down, he'd just pop back out again. Can you fix it?

Kenneth Crawley

He really is a weasel!

Kenneth Crawley
4810 Ticino Lane
Charlotte, NC 28227


It's tough to keep a lid on this clown.

Watch Me Crank It
Watch Me Roll
Watch Me Crank Dat Mackey Boy...

Richard Hough

What's wrong with our party's elected officials making the final decision? It worked just fine in Charlotte.

R. Hough

This is why he hardly spoke to anyone, he's got no leg to stand on!

M. Loper

"I think it's broken. No matter how many times I spin it, Chipp Bailey doesn't come out on top"

Bob Childrez

"Why change the tune? These things all play "Pop Goes The Weasel"

D. Cox

If you crank it too much, justice will go blind.

Made in Burlington.

Gary Turner

I think his spring has sprung for good!

D. Cox

MLK had a dream; this toy is a nightmare!

It sounded good at first; then some scary things came out.

It's a frightening political machine!

Can we return this party favor?

Craig Hoffman

Shall I close the top?

Craig Hoffman

Shall I close the top?

Laura Thompson

"It doesn't have a 'passed inspection' sticker!"

Robert McKenzie

"An Ace in the hole? Looks more like a joke in the box to me."

Peggy Edmunds

What you mean I can't control him

w. williams

I swear Dad, I don't know why it shows up on the neighbor's credit card bill.


Can you check the mail, he's expecting some new clothes. He keeps saying a suit is coming.

Bill Shuping

So you're saying that we shouldn't have toyed with the rules?

Bill Shuping

Things were going great in our party until this little guy popped up.


Hey Reverend Sharpton, don't you want to play with it any more?

A Yeh

"Excuse me sir? Could you spare some change to buy another...this one isn't working for me anymore..."

Frank E.


"Were you expecting Al?"

"And you thought Al Sharpton was a real joker!"

D. Cox

If you can play pin the tail on the donkey, why can't we pin the star on this a*%!

Elephants never forget, donkeys don't recall.

suzanne & co.

"He keeps playing the same old tune and popping out of nowhere!"

D. Cox

Little known, little content, little character.

I think this came from St. Nickeless...

This would have been recalled.

Don Clewley

You think this is a surprise - wait until you see what else the weasel does.

B. Barger

Let me wind it up again, and next time it will be different.

Harley Gamble

Since the clowns all work for the Observer, we settled for the bald black guy.

Harley Gamble
1219 Jamestowne Drive
Monroe, NC 28110-8308


Laura Thompson

"This is the quality of gift to expect when the net gets lowered!"

"It must have been made in China since it went over like a lead balloon!"

Frank E.

"Next week we'll be selling antenna balls."

"There's a name for my pain, and it's Nick Mackey."

"I tried to keep him in the dark, but he keeps popping up!"

suzanne & co.

"He's all wound up and no place to go!"

"When you wind him up he just repeats himself over and over again!"

Steve Slater

I would put him back in, but he has a restraining order against his box.

Steve Slater

What did you expect? I got it at WalMart.

D. Cox

It's plays a sad song and exhibits a lack of restraint.

This toy is too cold!-5 degrees above a zero.

Newton Hoey

"But Mr Helms, we bought it for you."

Laura Thompson

All around the dais they drew.
Erdman at his easel.
How would it end? Everyone knew.
Out goes the weasel!!!

suzanne-you are a bright spot on this mostly cloudy day!

Tim Saam

Really, the thrill is gone.

w. williams

It won't work unless his lawyer turns the handle.


Meal or no meal?

Carolyn Hudson

I like this simple old model better than the new one that has a Chipp in it.

Ken Irving

Guess I thought that naming a new Sheriff would be child's play!

Ken Irving

If you lock him up, we'll just spring him!

Frank E.


Ken Irving

Now he wants to play musical "Chairs"

Rodney Robinson

It takes a real jackass to crank out a mess like this!

Dan Burger

"What do you expect, we don't have any super delegates here"


"It's no fun anymore, since we all know what everyone is thinking for a caption!!!"

Ken Irving

He gets a little cranky when I try to take his badge.

suzanne & co.

It surely is a totally different way of looking at the cartoon now that you can read others thoughts! Too bad you couldn't put music notes by your caption LT that was great!!!

Jason M

By combining this set of enormous legs with this tiny torso I will create the ultimate crimefighter!!!

Joe Sherrill

Is it possible for me to make a bigger "ASS" of myself?

Daniel Burleson

“I had a Hilary in a box, but she got so wound up in herself, she wouldn’t bounce back.”

suzanne & co.

"Sorry Mack, Bailey's Back!"

I turned the crank and he popped out, but all I wanted was his star to play Mayberry!"

Laura Thompson

"It was reasonable to ass u me the election was on the up and up!!!"

"Let's hope he doesn't have a 'big mac' attack!!!"

I'm exhausted. Happy Valentymes Everybuddy!

Ross Levin

But the county snuck behind my back to elect this puppet leader!

Bill Carroll

It used to play "Pop Goes The Weasel," but now it sings "Hit the Road, Mack"!


Next time, can I have a marionette?

D. Cox

Why would a lawyer/MBA want a $115,000 county sheriff's job? I don't know...

Representing criminal justice.

He keeps doing the "I Don't Know" gang sign.

D. Cox

I don't think he's dumb-he just leaves everyone speechless.

D. Cox

He's requesting we create a "Low Sheriff"
EEOC position.

D. Cox

It's tailor-made, but unsuitable.

j.  williams

Come on Dad, one more trip to the nursing home and I'll have enough money to get the Erdman the Nerdman doll too.

D. Cox

The spin doctors say this is incurable.

Crime fighting agent Double O-Zero! Bond. What bond?

D. Cox

The umpire said "After review, the election was out of bounds and Mackey will be charged and placed in time-out."

Carolyn Hudson

"Can we just forget about this toy and get me a 'Tickle Me Obama'?"

Tyrone Drawdy

See, Now you see him, now you don't!

Tyrone Drawdy

I said "Take me to Jack in the Box!"

Can I trade this for a "Chipp" on my shoulder?

It's OK, look, Now you see him, now you don't!

William Owens

It plays, "Stop goes the Commissioners."

You should have seen him pop out, he scared the County Commissioners good!

If he doesn't win, he'll open a burger joint.

"Don't know Mack about you? Stop hanging around."

Michael R Overkamp

Excuse me Sir? Would you like to see my magic trick....don't look to closely?

Thank you Sir! May I have another?

Never mind how it works, just accept it.

Attention to details, who needs details???

w  williams

I know we've got a warehouse full of them, but Valerie Woodard is the only person that bought one.

w  williams

Jerry Meek! Did you get bigger or did we get smaller?

D. Cox

HGTV & CNN are doing a joint venture-Mission Precinct Organization-Mackey's hosting.

D. Cox

It's an accredited teaching tool for Barber Scotia College.

Who said this thing had no downside?

I just can't recall!

I don't know Jack!

D. Cox

Underneath it all, it says "Manufactured by Reyes & Erdman"

How do you expect us lawyers to follow all these legalities?

Brent Sheppard

So now I'm grounded because he's not?

It's not working. Do you still have the receipt?

Maybe we could get a store credit at FAO Sharpton.

Is there a provision in the statutes for a do over?

John Bradey

"He just keeps popping up, whether I want him to or not."

Carolyn Hudson

Since this is no good, I'd like a Monopoly game.

Derrick Clark

"It are future president!"

Ken Irving

I knew he was gonna wind up causing us trouble.

w  williams

Badges??? We don't need no stinking badges!

William Owens

It's broke, I want my money back.

Does this thing have instructions to make it work?

I'd like to trade this in for a David Erdman Bobblehead Doll.

Ross Levin

It says we won by this much!

Jackie Hubbard

But , But , But Revrend Sharpton helped crank the handle !

Michael Overkamp

What do you mean??? ...we won, thats all that matters. This is so unfair!

Jessie McCulloh

"Seriously I tried, I just can't get Mack
back in the box."
"Honestly, I didn't think it was broken."
"What? It was working perfectly before."
"Bill James broke it not me !"
"Really Uncle Parks, I don't think raising
taxes will fix this."
"What would Hannah Montanna do in a spot
like this."
"Oh great, everything else around here is
broken, but this they notice."
"Can't we do what we always do and just
blame the Republicans."


"It was the hottest item around before Christmas! Now I can't even sell it on Ebay!"

D. Cox

What goes round, comes round.

He's not going to take it anymore!

We're running late for an appointment!

He's willing to be flexible and rises to the occasion.

He's not our huckleberry.

He can't toe the party line.

Spring hopes eternal.



Ken Irving

Charlotte hasn't seen this much scandel since the Shinns left town!

Ken Irving

Charlotte hasn't seen this much scandal since the Shinns left town!

D. Cox

BBC News-Charlotte sheriff election gets Nicked!

This whole ordeal makes all of us look like an ass.

Mission Impossible: This party may disintegrate in five seconds.

Ken Irving

Now he just wants a Chair, guess he's tired of "lying".

D. Cox

He's changed his tune to "Theme from Shaft"

The star is a little tarnished.

I'm not a crank addict.

We could let him do warrants-but that might be self-serving.

D. Cox

"Look, mister, I'm standing here waiting for you to make up your mind."
(Nick to Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life)

It's an entropic model...NM over CMSO = disorder.

Do they make Least Wanted posters?

Can I trade it for one that plays."Won't you come home, Chipp Bailey?"

When you close the lid you hear-"I'm coming up, so you better this party started.!

John Bailey


"I am really a donkey, but Mackey is making me look like a jackass!"


I like the new format that let's us share all the other entries. It is a bit humbling, however.


Brent Sheppard

I didn't even know he was in the toy box.

Would it help if I used my Eddie Murphy voice?

We could play with my Lynx toy train instead.

He reorganized the toy box but I don't think he did it right.

clayton watkins

His out of the box thinking made us all look like jack asses.

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