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Once again the winning entry, though clever, is not directly related to the obvious...the controversial deleting of emails.

Carolyn Hudson

The judges are not looking for the obvious. The guidelines say: "Sometimes the picture may suggest the same idea to everyone, but don't settle for the obvious." Trying to think outside the box is what makes this contest so much fun.

Ken Irving

Comments posted by the gentleman named Ken are not Ken or Kenneth Irving. I agree with Ms Hudson who has obviously read Kevin's guidelines for the contest. Having said that, I went for the obvious this week and lost. Oh well, there's always next week.

Laura Thompson

I also agree with Carolyn, and really love all the winners this week. Kenneth, (you'll always be Kenneth to me) I'm not exactly sure where I went this week, but it was fun getting there! It doesn't feel like losing when there is a high fun factor. As always, I'm looking forward to Kevin's next challenge!

suzanne & co.

Loved the winners this week and the better lines,especially the Easley ones...I truly laughed this week with the choices..maybe we need not to think too much about it and the real good lines come naturally, those are the ones I really enjoy......

Ken (not Ken Irving)

I'm aware of what Mr. Sier's guidelines say about the obvious. However, he must have something in mind when he creates these drawings. He certainly can choose whatever entry he wants, but the winner seems to more often come from the less than obvious choices. So word to the wise, pick whatever you think is best, and don't worry about the current events.

Ross Levin

I agree with all, makes you stretch your brain. HOWEVER, (in my humble opinion) I do think my "You've gone postal" was short, sweet, and to the point on a number of levels. Thanks for the better line mention Ken!

Kevin Siers

Not many folks would say I have something in my mind -- thanks for that, Ken. However tenuous it may seem, the cartoon drawing each week is usually inspired by something going on in the news. But sometimes the connection is tighter than others. For instance, in a cartoon last December, I drew a bulked-up Santa during a week that steroid abuse was in the headlines. Obviously, the caption that we thought most cleverly connected the two topics was going to win. This week's toon was inspired by Gov. Easley's office being challenged by the meaning of the open records law. Now most of those stories dealt with deleting e-mails, not snail mails (although there was an instance of a hand-written note that was "chunked"). So perhaps a more appropriate picture would have had something to do with Easley and a computer. But, in scribbling around for an image, Easley hiding inside the mailbox came to mind, and struck my fancy. It was tied to the idea of communication and messaging, and seemed appropriate since Easley seems to be one of the least public politicians we've had in a while. So the connection to the specific news stories was very loose. But that left more room for readers' imaginations to roam as well and more ways for the judges to be surprised by the results!

L. Baxter Hahn III

I am thrilled with winning but will have to admit that I thought the least about this caption than any other I have submitted. I would also guess that not living in N.C. and not completely familiar with all the current events provided me the advantage of "thinking outside the box" that Kevin encourages. Thanks!

John R Bloxson Jr

Dear Editor,
I do not know how when three people are running for the office of President how you can keep judgment out of the picture? We have a candidate wwho has a problem telling the truth we have a candidate with questionable judgment, and we have a candidate who because of his integrety took an unpopular stand and was crucified for by you and your media types throughout the race you have continually given one candidate a free pass while comming down hard on the other two. Finally when someone comes down a little harder on Him you guy's call it unfair, intolerant and bias. What about the bias intolerant message that this candidate sat under for twenty yearsthe rev. wright scandal is alive and should remind us each that we are accountable for what we allow into our minds, and what we aprove for our children's education and knowlege so for this candidate to now when the intollerance is pointed out does the everyone to the life boats the wright ship is sinking. What I find most reprehensable is that many liberals are willing to give Wright and this candidate free passes but when a former terrorist wants to speak they protest and show their intollerances, or when a 60's anti war activist wants to speak about one dangerious form of Islam they rush the stage, or when a speaker talks about stopping illegal immagration he is actually accosted on stage where is the tollerance that these people want for the other side but not for themselves. When Rev. Wright says G-d damn America, and that whites released the aids virus to kill off the people of color where is the outrage, this is no differant than the Klu klux klan
or the American Nazi Party. When one of this candidates friends is an unrepentant terrorist from the 60's. I opennly question the judgment of this candidate, and his message of change to what a socoilist totalitarian state which will run all your thoughts, and teach outragious Anti American Propaganda in our schools, and what about his own thought no matter how much he denies it he must have openely
agreed with much of the devisive black victimization Ideology of liberation theology. In this nation you can go far if you buckle down and work hard such as both this candidate aand his wife, but now they are saying you can not do this they did why are they better than the rest of us? No they worked hard they studied they did not
take the easy raod this has not changed the hard road that leads to success is just that a hard road in this culture that has been raised to let the government handle it
buy the lotto tikets and let your children eat freebreakfast and lunch this culture that chooses to blame some one ber side themselves for their sins, theier immoralities, their indescretations, failures, and their laziness. It is time to take responsability for your acvtions become informed before you bvote on a candidate for any office do the homework descern the leis and liars such as the supossedly North Carolina values they exspouse exspose the hipocrites kthose who continually vote to increase your taxes, those who want unrestricted illegal immagrtation such as Watts, and Miller. Or
show integrity like one Presidential candidatewho stands by his integrety one who took the tortures of a toltilatarian regime, and knows the face of unrestrained evil when it rears its ugly head and is not affraid to call it what it is no he is not perfect but of the three candidate i would rasther see in the whight house hew has been tested and kept the faith through it all so think aboutthe truth instead of the media lie being spread think about who would best lead a nation in crisis a liar, a poor judge of character or a steady hand that was tried in the fires of the Hanoi Hilton. You Chose but make it and informmed cvhoice make it knowing the importance of this vote for this nations future if we are to have a future.
A concerned
North Carolinian.


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