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Great selection this week...love them! CONGRATULATIONS DOUG!!!

Tom Haines

As they would say in the 70's "Faaaaaaar out, man." Let's light up another one and do it again. Seriously, really good week.

Phillip Hough

My e-mail must not be working. These winners suck!

Carolyn Hudson

Some high quality captions this week!


I agree, these suck. Kevin Siers needs to de-fog his glasses.

D. Cox

The "alienated vote" one was a favorite of mine. Perhaps this is a precursor to the election where there will be no true winner, only the least "sucky"...

Kevin Siers

Mr. Hough, the only e-mail this week I found from you had the caption, "Show me a real leader and I'll fly you to that planet." I'll post it here and let others decide where it ranks on the suckiness scale. I apologize for leaving it out of the initial list, and thanks for the constructive comments.


In response to Kevin's posting of Mr. Hough's caption, I see his as an okay caption. I do agree partially with Mr. hough in that I felt "I'll take losers for $200, Alex" was a better choice than the winner because it better represents the picture. Three podiums with three people behind them look like a televised debate, but it also looks like it could be a Jeopardy stage, making it funny. Saying "I'm Dennis Kucinich and I approved this message!" doesn't fit the picture, as such caption would make sense if only the alien was alone in the picture and not two other candidates behind a podium. Calling Dennis an alien, sure, funny, but with the other two candidates in there, doesn't fit so much. But that's just my humble opinion.

Kevin Siers

I agree that the Jeopardy spin-off caption was quite good, and that's why it's up there in the runners-up section. Everyone's take on these will be different, and that's why I'm glad we can offer this "comments" section for discussion purposes. I don't usually go into why we picked one caption over another, but this one might be worth a look at. While the "Losers for $200" quote was good, we felt it didn't quite explain why the alien was there -- that same quote could have been offered by almost any presidential candidate at the third podium, with the exception of McCain and Obama. Also, this caption wasn't the only one we received to notice the similarity between a debate and a game show. The Kucinich caption was a little off the wall, but it got points for originality, and it most succinctly tied together the alien with the concept of "fringe candidates" which is, I guess, what I had in the back of my mind when I drew this. The idea that a candidate would spout a campaign commercial in a debate setting didn't really bother me that much -- isn't that what constitutes most "debates" these days anyway?

The beauty of this contest is that everyone is going to have different ideas of what makes a good caption, and that's what this feature needs -- if everyone had the same outlook, every caption would be pretty much the same. But as we say in the Guidelines, "The decision of the judges is final, no matter how deluded it may be." And, as Sean Connery says in "The Untouchables", "Thus endeth the lesson."

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