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suzanne & co.

Wow again, no comments this week is everyone on vacation!!!! I think the winners were good but the most effective and powerful comment was "Prey for Peace", three simple words but the monday readers in the paper would have taken notice that there is hope...no matter how you spell it............................

Kenneth Irving

Suzanne & co."prey for peace" was my line. I don't think it was as good as the winner but it was the best I could come up with. I have always enjoyed the comments of other regular participants and I also wonder where they all are. Glad to know that you are still around. I'll be looking for your winner next week. In the meantime, "Pray for peace" Kenneth Irving


Hey Guys, I'm on the road a lot, but always on line. Great Captions this week. Kevin and Judges, thanks for the Silver !

Carolyn Hudson

A lot of good entries this week! I really liked the entries that cited Dick Cheney. I've been away from computers but am back and looking forward to tomorrow's contest.

Michael Sandy

I'm back in businss and maybe be on the list again. Summmers are hard to focus on a good line.

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