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Suzanne & co.

Well chosen winner! Liked the ones with mend and ragged pertaining to the pic, and my other favorite was the one about the clothes being made in the USA, truly where are they?????


Uh huh. This contest is as legit as Kevin Siers is tall, dark and handsome.

Jay Mann

All things considered, the judging on this one seems pretty good, probably better than most. :-)

However, a likely better result would have been:

1. 'I am You' (definitely the most pithy, creatively re-interprets who 'Uncle Sam' is, and, importantly, is an elegant & meaningful verbal play on 'I WANT YOU' ..which any winner of this caption REALLY MUST DO.
2. 'The Economy is on the Mend'
3. 'Uncle Sam is Bushed'
4. 'Can You Spare a Euro?' which is definitely the FUNNIEST of the lot..so could easily be 2. or 3.

Overall..though..nice job!


D. Cox

Thanks Jay! Often we do forget that we the people are supposed to be in charge of the country...

Kevin Siers

"I am You" is a great caption. Unfortunately, several people sent that one in, meaning it couldn't take first place.

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