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This was a tough one...I definitely like the winning entry. Good job!


All of mine were terrible...I knew it when I sent them, although it was fun trying. Please forgive my freestyle! I'm a little disappointed that there are so few to look at after waiting so long, but all of them are really good. Glad to see Kenneth's name at the top once again! Thanks for the fun, and hope everyone has a nice Labor Day!

Kenneth Irving

Thanks Laura.

suzanne & co.

Kenneth should have taken the prize, but even a runner-up is top-dog by me....all I came up with was "No Speedo's" and I can't believe what little better lines were picked, would have loved to read more after the long break...Enjoy!!

Kenneth Irving

" No speedos" is a great line,Suzanne. Maybe it was just a little to "racey" for a family newspaper.


LOVED the winner! Politics, and loved the word "airwaves"
My "Eight is enough!" didn't crack a mention, no bother, will work harder.
Way to go Mic!

Ken W

The winner was the only good one.


Good selection for the top prize, however, "Eight is enough" is really good, should have goten a mention (maybe even in the top five.)

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