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suzanne & co.

Best winner ever!!!!

Ken W

Best group of winning entries in a long time. The winner was deserving but the others were very good too.

D. Cox

At first, I thought this was a strange cartoon and would have limited humor possibility. It ended up being a laugh riot. The last two cartoons have been ripe with possibility and all the captions have been funny and pointed.


They were good. Here's my entrance...

Well officer, I was walking past a Chinese restaurant...


Hail to the new chief, and all the other great caption writers who made this another fun week!!!

Kenneth Irving

Great captions this week. The winner was spot on! I couldn't even make it to the "better lines", guess I was barking up the wrong tree with my feeble attempts. Oh well, there's always next week.

Brent Sheppard

Thanks everybody! I'm in great company this week. Sure is nice to make it out of runner-up-land every now and again.

Carolyn Hudson

Loved them all this week! Congratulations!


I thought this weeks entries went to the dogs!



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