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Great captions


The one about the "P" is a hoot!

Kenneth Irving

I wonder if I could have gotten away with "Lifestyles of the -itch and famous with the letter B included.

Kevin Siers


D. Cox

This week's cartoon had so many options for
angle of attack, well done.
Nice to see such a wide variety of geographical locations in the winners.
I wonder how many submissions come from outside the Carolinas...

Carolyn Hudson

I loved all the entries,especially the winner!

Avis O. Gachet

How could you not pick, "Let them drink tap."?
It was brilliant.

suzanne and co.

Great winners along with the better lines, could hardly choose my fav. because they all were clever, just wish I came up with some....


Really good results this week. I always enjoy Doug's captions...and all the other posters here also. "Here, dear, more culture." rates high on my list. Thanks for the fun, and the great laugh!

Kevin Siers

"Let them drink tap." was a great caption. It was also sent in by many, many readers. I've only got one piece of cartoon art to give away, so the winner has to be unique.


They missed the obvious caption!

'But this is cheaper than buying it from Charlotte-Mecklenburg utilities!'


Maybe it's time to update the guidelines to your "contest" so they accurately reflect what is going on here.

Kevin Siers

Interesting comment, Tim, but I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about. If there's something that is misleading in our guidelines, I'd be happy to correct it. Can you be more specific?

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