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Great entry, Hanna! I think yours is the best.

Kenneth Irving

Way to go Hanna, you're showing the adults up this week.

Brent Sheppard

I think Hanna is ahead!

Doug Cox

I enjoyed the 100 grands, Snickers, line.
Wonder if Hanna is related to Jeff Danzinger, the LA Times political cartoonist?

suzanne & co.

Seriously, I laughed the most with Hanna's entry....Sorry she didn't win....I think I'm going to ask the little one's for help because I'm getting nowhere on my own!!!


Doug, Thanks for the compliment about the 100 Grands and Snickers line.

Doug Cox

You're welcome, multiple layers of chocolate covered cleverness. Are you the rock doc?


Yes I am the rock doc.


i love the one about Robin Hood! it is hilarious!

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