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A bit offensive to say the least (Obama is bi-racial) which is surprising for the Observer...

Kevin Siers

Offensive? I thought it was pretty clever, actually. The line is taken from Obama's own self-deprecating joke, about getting his girls a "mutt like me", with the caption writer putting his own spin on it to make it a comment on Obama's media-aggrandized image.


No one asked me; however I believe a hyper-allergenic Dalmatian puppy would be excellent for the Obama family.


I thought all of the winners were very clever this week.

Ken W

To the person who thinks it's offensive, I say watch or read the news. "...Our preference is to get a shelter dog, but obviously, a lot of the shelter dogs are mutts like me"--Barack Obama at his first post-election press conference.


A couple weeks ago we had someone that thought the caption chosen was offensive as well. This week was a play on a quote by Obama and the other was not even directed towards Obama. Its a shame that folks loose all sense of humor when it comes to a person of color. The comedians have been talking about this ever since the election. Lighten up folks. Its this kind of stuff that keeps it going.


These aren't even funny

suzanne & co.

Honestly, the only one I laughed at was, Yes, I canine.......

Dr. Seuss

And once again Kevin chooses a lame winner. Kevin you must be a big fan of the jokes in Reader's Digest.


Reader's Digest just pays cash for those joke submissions, we get Kevin's artwork.
Seuss, how did you know Scovill had injured his leg?


I liked the winner! Very good, David Scovill. Then again, I HAVE a sense of humor.

David Scovill

Actually, I chose the caption based on a quote by Obama and it was meant as a complement. Here is a dog portrayed as bigger than life and Obama's comment is he's an ordinary unassuming mut like himself. He is downplaying the signifigance of the historic moment and his own accomplishment. He doesn't see the dog as anything but ordinary although others, including the media, see him as special.

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