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Kevin Sears is a loser. A good artist, makes a cartoon and a captain. He just draws something stupid and asks every racist in Charlotte to put their two cents.


Caption, moron. Kevin's done plenty of cartoon with captions, in fact he has one almost every day. This is just for those of us without any artistic talent to join in the fun.


Racists? You're the one who is stereotyping multitudes of people you've never met. Loser? You're the one who can't spell Siers or caption, and who doesn't know where to place a comma. There are a lot of people who love this contest and Kevin is doing us a great favor by providing the challenge.


Kevin, I don't always agree but I always appreciate! Don't stop!


I loved all the winners this week!


I don't look for the political content in these captions as much as I do the cleverness and creativity. This was one of the more difficult challenges, and each one shown here, in my opinion, is a winner. Good job! I will say, coming here today, and seeing the word racist is a little disturbing, but I don't think it is worth it to get too flared up over a comment made by a person named ocean. Kevin, I really liked your election day cartoon. Keep up the good work, and thanks for this great contest!

Doug Cox

Most oceans are deep.


By the way, ocean, his name is pronounced SIGH-ers. Rhymes with fliers.


“Ocean” - if you actually think and use your brain (I know its tough, but try) you will see that the winner was stating that it did not matter what folks said about Obama he still won. That people saw beyond the comments that could be perceived as racist and at the end of the day they didn't scare (did you happen to catch the election results?).

When I read the comment by "ocean" I told myself I was NOT going to even honor him with a response. Simply because he sounds like nothing more than a bitter individual who is not creative enough to have any of his captions picked as a winner. But I guess my self restraint has its limits today...sorry for feeding into it guys. Congrats to the winners, I thought they were great!

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