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suzane & co.

Excellent winner......right on target with the picture and current events.....way to go!!!!!!!


Very clever winner! Congratulations.


Very clever winner! Congratulations.

Steve Davies

Ah come on, Kevin!

I don't even get an honorable mention for:

"Drop $1 million down the Governor's chimney and you won't be shot down over Chicago."

I'm vexed.

Kenneth Irving

Really great winner! It's nice to know that current events are still cool in Mr Dockery's class.


Mr. Davies, I'll definitely reconsider it. In the meantime, feel free to post your caption in our "Comments" section and . . . oh, wait. . . never mind.

Steve Davies

Kevin, I thought it was good. But, I guess that isn't saying much.

I spent this past week in Chicago, I suspect my perspective was swayed.

I'll keep plugging away. I want another one of your originals on my wall.

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