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D. Cox

"Geithner after absorbing toxic assets" and "always room for jello" made me laugh.

I'm unsure which of the political parties are the monsters and which are aliens.

Where are you LT? We miss your input!


The caption should have read, "Barack Obama, so much crap we had to start another pile."


Or, "In my left hand is the stimulus, standing beside me is the pork."


He's a one-eyed, two armed, smiling toxic-asset eater. (with apologies to Sheb Wooley)


"And this is Vice President J.O.E. As you can see, he has no brain."

"Turns out, you don't need one!"


come-on now, no naming the character "Cyblog" made it to the top choices?


Was mine not funny enough to even make it anywhere in the list?

"The new face of US Finance: B.O.B., or Borrow One Billion"

Thoughts? Comments? Not funny at all?


I thought some of the "also rans" were much funnier than the winning caption.

Ken W

I agree with LindaS on this week's selection.

It's a shame that one of the guidelines is that the winner must be original and stand out from the rest of the entries.

On several occasions, the submission by "many readers" has been the best one.

Kevin Siers

We've only got one prize to give away, and thus, we can only have one winner. And sometimes it's very hard to rank these entries -- they're all pretty good in some way or I wouldn't put them on the site. And, yes, sorry to say, because of the volume of mail we get, other worthy entries don't make it on at all. That's why I say these are a selection of SOME of the better lines we received, because I can't list all of them. And why I offer this comments section, as another way to get more entries on the site. Thanks all for participating.

benjamin joyner

mine was pretty good and it didin't make it.

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