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The best comics are web-exclusive content these days. The printed paper is a dying medium. I personally like xkcd.com the best.


I also love Get Fuzzy. That's the only strip that makes me laugh out loud. Doonesbury and its highly liberal bent wore out its welcome a long time ago. Dennis the Menace and Family Circle need to go; the kids in reality would have grown up and moved out ages ago. Not everyone finds kids' antics funny, not even a little. Most of the rest I don't read because they're just not funny. I don't know how some of these writers keep their jobs, because their material is just not funny, or even interesting. If any strip could come back from oblivion, it should be Dilbert.

While you're at it, can you do anything to remove the half page of ads attached to Sunday's comics? They don't belong there and drive me nuts every Sunday.


It's almost shorter to list the ones I don't like, but here goes. I enjoy Lio, Non-Sequitur, Pickles, and Zits, and of course, Doonesbury. I still enjoy FBOFW, though miss the artwork since she semi-retired. I miss seeing Curtis and a single panel comic that I can't remember the name of. The W-S Journal carries it, so I get to see it occasionally at my in-laws.


Lio for sure, as well as a number of comics that the Observer does not have, but you can find online, or on other newspaper websites. Comics like Foxtrot (classic and the new Sundays), Calvin and Hobbes (Classics), Bloom County, and Liberty Meadows. All of those, while no longer published, are still sometimes better than some of the comics that are available now.

Read Speedbump, or Bizzaro. Both get me laughing every day. As well as reading the Phantom for the past 25 years.

But I tend to agree with the first poster. There are a lot of just online comics that are great-Kevin and Kell, GPF, or the best one, Sluggy Freelance.


Not a fan of Doonesbury at all. I still find myself missing Calvin & Hobbes.

PVP Online (pvponline.com) happens to be one of my all time favorites...

Get Fuzzy is amusing as well.


Doonesbury is fine only it needs to be placed in the editorial section. Asheville Citizen Times puts it there.


I personally thing Pearls Before Swine is the best. Getting the daily calendar is the best move there. There are very few days where it doesn't draw a good laugh, and Pastis does a great job of incorporating random things, including poking fun at his own cartoon strip and other popular ones.


Anybody ever check out the Comics Curmudgeon? It's an often funny blog about the comics.


Best: Get Fuzzy, Lio, Dilbert

Good: Baby Blues, Jump Start, Pearls, Doonesbury, FBOFW, Zits, Pickles.

Bad: Non Sequitur, Frazz, Hagar, F Minus

Should be retired to make way for next generation: B.C., Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Dennis the Menace


Hands down Clavin & Hobbes.

Internet winner - xkcd

Don White

Favs: Zits, Judge Parker, Rex Morgan, Beetle Bailey, Frazz, Hagar, For Better or For Worse

Can't Stands: Doonesbury,Pearls, Lio, FMinus


I prefer Dilbert because it so accurately (and sadly) reflects US Corporate culture.


Calvin & Hobbes.
Always makes me want to see more through a child's perspective. And who can argue with a talking tiger?

The Boondocks.
Sociopolitical commentary at is finest.


Ever since Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side stopped running comics have gone downhill. There's just no creativity nowadays. The writing has been horrible. The only ones I ever read now are Zits, Baby Blues, and Outland. Non Sequitar use to be really good too until he started those stupid stories about that annoying little girl Danae. I wish Bill Watterson would make a comeback... sigh...

Bill Palian

Peanuts will always be #1 with me.
Pickles, Get Fuzzy, Pearls before Swine, Baby Blues and Zits are must reads.


Favorites: 1. Dilbert (social commentary - after 35 years of corporate life I still see Dilbert at work every day); 2. Doonesbury (political commentary); 3. Pickles (social reality check - we see our grandparents, parents, GASP - ourselves); 4. B.C.; 5. Li'l Abner Classics (we have met the enemy and he is us).


A: Get Fuzzy, Pearls
A-: Dilbert, Lio, Foxtrot
B: Zits, Pickles, Non Sequiter, Baby Blues

Sometimes FBOFW puts a smile on my face, especially since I grew up at about the same age as the "Michael" character, so I related a lot to it.

I'm sure there are other great strips out there, and given the raves for xkcd in these comments I definitely need to check it out. I'm sure there are plenty of people who still read old strips like BC and Family Circus, so I can't really say they should be retired, but I don't really find them funny.

Like many of these commenters, I really miss Calvin & Hobbes. I loved it so much, I cut out the last original strip he did out of the paper and framed it. I still have it sitting on a coffee table.

U.N. Owen

* Calvin & Hobbes
* Dilbert
* The Far Side
* Non Sequitur


Get Fuzzy, Mutts


No wonder Kevin and I don't see eye-to-eye on his weekly challenge; I'm not impressed with his choice of comics either. To each his own.

Mine: Foxtrot, FBOFW, Calvin/Hobbes reruns, Dilbert, Baby Blues. F Minus has some good days too.


Wait, How could I forget Pickles!

Harry Singleton

First of all, a blank space on the comics page would be better than F Minus and I don`t get the big fuss about Get Fuzzy.
Dilbert is still a classic, hard hitting satire. For Better or For Worse is far better than most and doesn`t get the credit it deserves. Non Sequiter can be brilliant. Some of the golden oldies have run their course but they are still light years ahead of F Minus.

Jay Morgan

Pearls before Swine is brilliant, but I don't understand why people dislike F Minus and Lio so much. Also, why does the Family Circus or Blondie still exist?

Martin Kvasnak

I love Dilbert. Some of it so close to reality in the business world that it is scary. Also, I really enjoy Pearls Before Swine.

James R. Gaultney

There is also User Friendly

at http://www.userfriendly.org/static/

(for the computer nerds, anyway)


Faves are:
- "Pearls Before Swine" (Why don't you run the Sunday version of the strip?)
- "Dilbert"
- "Pickles"
- "Non-Sequiter" on non-Danae days

"Frazz" has grown on me, "Get Fuzzy" is funny about 20% of the time, and "Lio" is the same joke everyday (the kid is a freak, we get it, move on).


All the folks who don't like Doonesbury are probably too busy making indignant calls to AM talk radio stations whining about the stuff conservatives always whine about to actually read it because, day-in, day-out, it's still the funniest, most clever and most topical cartoon out there. Trudeau is still on top of his game politically and culturally, and he's done great work in terms of drawing attention to the plight of our nation's injured veterans in a way that's at once compassionate, not pandering, and gently humorous. As a veteran myself, I applaud him for that. He's simply the best out there, still. He GETS it; always has.

Other favorites: Dilbert, Pickles, Zits, F-Minus, Pearls Before Swine, and Non Sequitur (another one the conservatives seem to hate because it dares to skewer so many of their sacred cows). Also enjoy the two serials, Rex Morgan and Judge Parker. Wouldn't mind seeing some more of those.

One question: what is Frazz still doing in there? Has it ever been remotely funny? And isn't it time for the two recycled, re-run strips - Peanuts and For Better Or For Worse - to finally be retired in favor of some NEW material? Please?


Get Fuzzy is funny, in a stupid-funny way, but sometimes too hard to read-- it takes away from the fun. I love DOONESBURY and DILBERT, but also ZITS (it's like someone has been watching my teenager!!) and I really like FRAZZ. Contrary to what some "buzzers" think, I also like Lio and F-Minus. I read all the Observer comics. but Dilbert, Doonesbury, Zits & Frazz are the best.


Oh, and Peanuts is SO not funny. It's about a clinically depressed boy and the peers who bully/make fun of him. Pickles is also funny.


XKCD. it's a web only comic stip at www.xkcd.com It's better than any strip run in any newspaper today.


Dilbert, Pearls, Lio, Non Sequiter, and sometimes Doonesbury.

Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes were far better than anything else still published.

I don't bother reading Cathy, Get Fuzzy or F Minus. Way too predictable, and not at all funny.


My favs in rank:

#1. foxtrot
#2. get fuzzy
#3. dilbert
#4. baby blues
#5. zits
#6. pickles


Dilbert - how true it is !!

Kevin Siers


"We have met the enemy and he is us." is actually from 'Pogo', another great classic.


Faves-Boondocks, Foxtrot, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Pickles, Zits


All mentioned are good, but I'll always miss The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbs.


Doonesbury is the Patriarch of the active comics family, and is typically brilliant, even with it's Profound leftward bias. Dilbert is probably the Best of Show, and it's stunning that Corporate America is still so predictably, consistently foolish after 35 years of having it broadcast so publicly. I like most comics, esp Pearls, Jump Start, and the clever, clever Frazz. On-line readers with patience for developing stories will fall in love with Pibgorn, Barkeater Lake, and the mysterious, comic, sexy, and intensely intriguing Wapsi Square.


For Better or Worse (old & new-the old ones are new to me)
Of course, Blondie, which I have been reading since 1955


Am fond of: Bloom County, For Better or For Worse, Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot. Oh, and Far Side.

Have never liked Doonesbury as I find it condescending, soap-boxy and pompous.


Best: Zits, Pickles, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Baby Blues, Pearls

Overrated: Get Fuzzy, Non Sequitur

Still waiting to be funny: Lio, Foxtrot

Why are they taking up space?: Cathy, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, Lockhorns, BC, Hagar

Okay, not funny but I still read them for some reason: Peanuts, Blondie, Frazz

Best comic of all time: Calvin and Hobbes

Joan Jones

Favorites: Zits, Jump Start, Foxtrot, For Better or For Worse, Frazz, Lio
Also like: Pickles, Dilbert, Baby Blues, F Minus
Always read Doonesbury, Judge Parker, Rex Morgan. Usually read most of the strips
Wish the Observer would carry Sally Forth.
Also pretty tired of BC and Beetle Bailey


F Minus is brilliant in the simplicity of both the art and words. It took a few weeks to appreciate it, but I now go to it first each day.

Rex Morgan and Judge Parker, because they provide enjoyment of an ongoing story line, albeit at a plodding pace sometimes. I've been out of town for ten days with no internet, and June's still wearing the bikini (has it been 3 weeks already?). . .

Dilbert keeps churning the same material over, but in different flavors. Yet, it will continue to be funny as long as it continues to be true.


Calvin and Hobbes is the all-time greatest. Humor and perspective at its best. The Far Side was another all time great. Too bad both retired in thier prime. These days my favorite would have to be Get Fuzzy and Foxtrot.

Art Rouse

Here are two that I have sent to me by email every day because they are not in the Observer. Shoe by Gary Brookins and Tank Mcnamara by Brooks & Hinds. Check them out, they are both satirical, one has a newspaper theme the other sports themed.


Snuffy Smith when he was drinking and Andy Capp when he was beating his wife.

Bobby Padgett

The best comics the Observer doesn't carry.

I love Funky Winkerbean because as a HS teacher and someone who has hit middle age, I totally relate to what is going on. I go online to the Seattle Post Intelligencer website to get my daily fix.

The Far Side is the best all-time single panel comic. I still post classics in my classroom.

Bloom County was 20 times the strip Doonesbury is. The beauty of Berkley Breathed is that he gladly skewered liberals and conservatives. Opus and Bill were the bomb.


I didn't know anybody actually read Judge Parker.

I still miss Tank McNamara and Funky Winkerbean in the Observer, but fortunately I can still catch those on the net. Dennis the Menace and Family Circus have been recycling the same gags for decades. It's past time to retire them.

I used to think Dilbert was really unrealistic until I started my current job.

My favorites: Zits, Pickles, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Get Fuzzy, Blondie

The worst: Lio, Non Sequitor, F Minus

Never look at: Rex Morgan, Judge Parker



You must MUST read Deflocked. My folks get it in their paper over in Raleigh, and we're all hooked. It's the funniest strip I've read since my fave - C&H retired. You can't help but love a hopelessly cranky ignorant sheep!

Frank Foley

Speedbump, Pickles, Pearls Before Swine,
Non Sequitur, Doonesbury, Red Meat (on line.
1st choice: a tie;Pickles, Pearls Before Swine & Pickles.


Judge Parker is a long-time favortie in the Observer. I wish the paper still had it in the Sunday comics.

All the haters of comics like Judge Parker, can stop hatin'.

And, totally agree, Eduardo Barreto has done a great job with updating the Judge.


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