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D. Cox

I'm wondering if it's ever difficult for Kevin to serve up people he might have personal history or contact with for caption skewering...Journalism, politics and the local corporate business world can make for strained interaction at times.
Is everyone fair game? at least those in the public eye? Has Kevin ever refused a target that others were shooting at readily?

On a personal note, eighteen years ago, I worked in a downtown Charlotte hotel and Ken Lewis stayed there often before his last Charlotte relocation. I always found him to be forthright, candid and approachable even to a lowly hotel assistant manager. All high profile CEOs are grossly overpaid, but I think at his core Ken Lewis is a good man thrust into an unwinnable situation. I might feel differently if I owned a lot of B of A stock.

Kevin Siers

Refusing to target someone is my editor's job. They never let me out of my cage long enough to interact with anybody.

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