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More of that hard-hitting Observer news content that I am no longer paying for thank God.

Kevin Siers

Lighten up, Francis. No one comes looking for hard news content at a feature entitled "You write the caption." And here at said blog, we make sure you get your money's worth!


another reason to cancel the Observer


AndrewS - You're in the Opinion section. There is never any hard-hitting news here.

julie peepers



Why the hate? It just looks like the start of a fun discussion to me


I like the strips shown above. They incorporate current events and even youtube and I find them funny.

Also agree with you on the hard news content.



I used to like Zits but yeah, I think it's getting too close to the shark (I never liked Happy Days). (Sigh) the comics are just not what they used to be....but I still read most of them.


Irony: AndrewS opines on the uselessness of an opinion section.

As far as the strip is concerned: too many comic strips have jumped the shark and have lost touch with their unique viewpoint and commentary on life. Most strips now rely on tired cliches and character attributes. In this post-modern comic strip era, all you can hope for is funny, not insightful.

Jon in DC

I got a chuckle out of each one...


I've been a long time Zits! fan, but also noticed that it doesn't seem to be as much fun as it used to be. Maybe its just personal evolution, as my favorite comic strip is now "Pickles."

Gennifer in NM

Actually, the whack factor is kind of how teens think.

Maybe the Borgmans (Kevin, you forgot to mention who draws the strip!) are having a boring summer.

Personally, I want to see Jeremy hook up with Sara!


I read Zits with less eagerness now than before. Hard to keep a series fresh if it's focused on the same small set of characters. Compare to Doonesbury, where readers are always getting to know someone new.

Another sign of a cartoon strip's aging is that the physical peculiarities of the characters (big nose, spiky hair) become more and more exaggerated. I don't see this in Zits, however. What does Kevin Siers the visual artist think?


Seems to be more in tune with teens of today. Maybe you're just old Siers!


The "Zits" cartoonist also used to do a political cartoon for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Anyone think losing that gig has affected his strip?


Draw another picture of the president with huge ears...classic political satire Kevin...you hack


I use to like Zits. I don't think it's as funny as it use to be. The ones that keep popping up over and over again and are becoming annoying now are the cell phone texting gags, the ones that use Pierce and his piercings as strange and weird appendages, and the ones where mom is angry because of the main character who leaves dirty clothes behind or has a mess in his room. It's predictable...and it is kind of bland, but so are most of the comic strips these days. The majority of really good strips aren't in papers anymore, they're online.



I think your comments make for a more intersting discussion that what was originally called for - what are the "best" (subjective term, I know) comics out there, on-line or not?

Actually, the question is posed to everyone...what should I/we be reading and where can I/we find it?

Kevin Siers

It's a great question, Passerby, but I'm hoping we covered that a few weeks ago. Check out our recent June 24 post, "Impromptu Comics Survey." (http://blogs.charlotte.com/write_the_caption/2009/06/impromptu-comics-survey.html)

dave morris

I haven't thought of it this way, but i did notice these strips and they (especially the one where they had Pierce' being used as a fishing rod) made me laugh out loud...and i don't do that much with comics except Pearls Before Swine...and for the record, I'm a 60 year old white male...

Brad B

I have always enjoyed the comics, and I still enjoy Zits, now of course it is not Calvin and Hobbes material but fun. Also my favorite is now Pickles. It is always neat looking and seeing how the comics evolve, you see the first year work, then years 2-5, then the final refined piece (aka For Better or for Worse).

I just wish they had more of them in the paper including Luann .

Dan G

Coincidentally, like the Cunningham's, Jeremy had a big brother who disappeared from the picture. Maybe he should be brought back.....



Thanks for the link, but the ones I saw there were still pen, paper and ink-based. I should have asked my question more clearly to include 'on-line only' comics as well.


If I were doing a comic today, it would jump the shark in strip one, and at least monthly after that. Folks like to complain about comics that remain static for 40 years, then complain when the strip tries something new. Ignore the critics and read (and create!) what you enjoy...

And yes, there are many excellent on-line comics. Just search that term and you'll find several sites that have lists. Or you can just find one you like and try out the ones it recommends.

And in response to the critic above, I'm guessing Kevin draws Obama with big ears because... he has big ears. Look up the word "caricature" and be enlightened...

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