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I re-read the article. It said, "And if your goal is not to win the caption contest, why bother entering?"

I enter to show I appreciate the contest and that I've made an effort to come up with something. I think it is a lot of fun to try.

Kenneth Irving

Vince Lombardi once said "winning isn't everything, winning is the only thing". That may be true in football, but I'm not so sure it applies to cartoons. I approach this contest as just an enjoyable little challenge that tends to make me think.If it achieves that, I believe it's accomplished it's purpose.


The same names keep coming up because those people have the same style of humor as the judge(s).

Some winners are excellent. More are so-so, and some are just the best of a very mediocre bunch.


"The same names keep coming up because those people have the same style of humor as the judge(s)."

Doesn't add a lot of variety to the contest then?

I do like how there are complaints of the same people showing up on the top 5, then there's a posting of how that's justified because of a formula used by the NYP, and the winners are essentially THE SAME people again. That discourages entries, IMHO.

Kevin Siers

Hmmm. I'm not trying to discourage entries, I'm trying to encourage them. As in, keep trying, here's some insights that may help. Or not. The post linked to above isn't so much a formula as one guy's attempt to explain how he thinks it works. I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, but I'm a little too close to the process to be able to step outside it and know exactly how accurate he's being. But here's one insight I can pass along -- if you think you have the obvious caption to the picture, think again. If it's obvious to you, it's obvious to a bunch of other folks. Sometimes the caption "submitted by many readers" is the funniest and best of the bunch, but "many readers" can't win the contest -- only one.

suzanne & co.

If anyone should be discouraged it's me, I've been trying to win this cartoon for over two years....the closest I came, I lost to an 11 year old....but I'm not discouraged, disappointed maybe...I keep entering because I enjoy it, get a laugh, can't wait to see the next challenge and truly enjoy the drawings each week. Does anyone take into consideration the amount of work the artist is doing everyday, not to mention his cartoons, which by the way the lousy tee shirt one was a frig keeper...honestly I'm not as political as this caption requires and hate to admit I enjoy Dennis-the-Menance and Family Circus and truly enjoy the innocent remarks children have to say....Maybe the world wouldn't be where it is today if we listened more to children....

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