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wes odonell

Winners were lame!


Most of the winners are lame.

Kevin Siers

Feel free to enter, guys.


I enter all the time, with way better stuff than this. But most of the captions Siers writes are lame too; guess he can't be letting readers show him up.


I don't know; I thought they were pretty good.

Bob Trundle

do you have to be a subscriber to win?

Kevin Siers

Our contest is open to all, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation or subscription status.


If you'll notice, the same people are repeatedly in the top 5ish every week. Kennith Irving, Doug Cox, Lee Baber, etc. Nothing against those guys, but I'm starting to get the idea that as soon as any of them send their entries, if it draws a laugh, it is put in the top 5, regardless if it's top 5 worthy. Many times I have seen much funnier ones in the "other's" section.

Also, I disagree with the person that said Siers' captions aren't funny. I think most of his are clever and funny, which is why its so amazing some of these lame entries win.


I thought these were very good.

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