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R. Gaultney

Maybe I'm just slow, but would someone explain
the winning entry to me?

Try to keep it to words of one syllable. :)

Kevin Siers

Country Joe and the Fish's cheer during Woodstock, combined with Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's favorite word. I wished I had thought of it myself.

R. Gaultney

I was aware of Emanuel's favorite word but I
didn't know as much about Woodstock as I thought.

Yes, that IS funny!

Doug Cox

Kudos to Kevin for getting Hendrix's inverted right hand restrung for lefty guitar so correct! Maybe Rahm needed a name tag. The only error was that Rahm's right hand middle F-U finger is complete where he holds the newspaper. I didn't think that caption had a chance to see print. Pleasant surprise.

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