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Cedar Posts

That is not good news! Hope he recovers fully asap!


I am hearing Eduardo Barreto is getting better (from Cavna blog/comments), but is nowhere near any shape to resume the art duties on Judge Parker.

Very happy that his health is returning.

Not happy if he cannot continue on Judge Parker.

This past week's worth of JP strips are just atrocious. New artist that can channel Mr. Barreto, STAT!!!


Let's hope he gets better soon. The new drawings are terrible. You can't tell one male from another. Abby and Sophie look like rejects from the 70s.


I read the strip every day, also Get Fuzzy. The only two I read.
I noticed the characters just weren't the same and suspected a different artist.
Hope he gets better soon and returns to giving life to them!

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Haha, as a freelancer I know I never really read instructions carefully enough

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