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Here's one. A strip about Gen Xers hoping their Baby Boomer managers would just retire already so they can get promoted, while the Gen Y kids think they should be made management due to their sense of entitlement.

ECU Alum

Cul de Sac is one of the freshest, most original comics in many years. I love it. Nothing against Dustin, but it isn't in the same ballpark as Cul de Sac. You should replace it.

My Life

Modern Age Walter Mitty- his wife feeds him vegan, macrobiotic, "healthy" stuff -he has to sneak off to eat a cheeseburger. He doesn't always want to be "politically correct"- He has gotten so far from his center, he's not sure who he is anymore. He earns most of the money, but gets no respect or attention. The kids ski, snowboard, surf the waves and the internet and Walter barely has time to catch his Antiques Roadshow once a week. If he wants to use the Internet, he has to make an appointment with the kids for time on the computer. His wife only talks to him about "reality" and fashion or cooking "competition" shows. She constantly harangs him about money, though she makes very little. He is a ghost in his own world. Most importantly. he still reads the newspaper- that's all he has with the small allowance his wife allows him.

Fan of Dilbert

But I really liked F-Minus. Can't we scrap one that isn't funny, like maybe "Get Fuzzy"?


'F-Minus' had its fans. No matter which strip they replaced, it would upset a group of readers. But I have to admit that 'Get Fuzzy' is one of the few strips that actually provokes a belly laugh from me at breakfast.


Yeah, but F Minus is one of the only legitimately original and funny comics out there. If you've got to scrap comics to make room for Dustin, how about getting rid of something that is well past it's prime, rather than a relatively new comic like F Minus?

BTW, props to Cathy for going into retirement instead of some sort of lame rerun situation.


On a semi-related note, how do we get "Pearls Before Swine" in Sunday's Comics? :)


I gave it a week - Dustin is no replacement for F-minus. Bring it back!


I don't care for Dustin. I would prefer that you publish "Rose is Rose," which I currently have to read on-line.

I agree with Fan of Dilbert: I would be glad to see "Get Fuzzy" go.

Thank you.

Bring Back F-Minus

I'm giving Dustin a chance and have enjoyed it but still really miss F-Minus. That was the first one I read. Love the F-Minus w/the newborn: "We named him Grandpa after his grandfather."

dan teasley

bring back f-minus!


I miss F-Minus too!!! It was one comic that just about always made me laugh! PLEEEASE bring it back!


I have waited a long time to see if Dustin would ever get funny. It actually did so, once or twice. I hope you have not burned your bridges with the F-Minus syndicate. Please, please, invite them back.

Everett Bowman

Cul de Sac is by far my favorite of the "new" comic strips the Charlotte Observer is trying out. How do we vote for keeping it? By this comment?

Cheryl Lentz

I despise Reply All. Please bring back Cul de Sac full time. I also wish you would print reruns of The Far Side. How I miss it!

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