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suzanne & co.

I'm blaming it on the economy, but I noticed there are a lot of angry Americans who are voicing their opinions lately! But what I don't understand where they are weekly when the caption winner is selected? I thought the that the little blue link was for all to use and say their peace whatever that may be!

Howard Swint

It's the editorial page. So be it...

F. Melton Gardner

I read all the comments and the blogs. Your response is perfect... both sides need to get bit! But, don't you just love all the high indignation from the right wing when they occasionally get bit? After eight years of the GOP/Bush "Crime Wave", they still want to blame where we are today on the black guy.

Republican=slow witted

The Republicans are the most offended people in the world. What a bunch of children!


You do a great job, keep it up.


12:49--You call Republicans "the most offended" and then call them all "slow witted". Every single one of them. Possibly you, a Democrat perhaps, are being a tad offensive. Just food for thought.

bolyn mcclung

Ah So! Wise man say bitterness and envy better to reside at bottom of the barrel than the top of a mountain.....or opinion page


In Kevin's defense. I have won several of these and some were critical of Democrats and some were critical of Republicans. It seems to be fairly evenly spread.

Charles Randall

My first impression was a Republican guru telling Obama he had wasted his time and energy! At worst, the winner stabbed both sides! I thought it was a very deserving winner! How could anyone look at your caricatures of Obama and think you are cutting him a break??


It's like calling a cow a bovine.
It's like calling an Observer editorial writer a liberal.

J. R. Gaultney

Perhaps it's just me, but when I saw the winning caption,
I thought "WOW, she zinged the lot of them, on BOTH sides
of the aisle.

It wasn't until I scrolled on down the page to the 'bias'
section that it occurred to me that the caption could be taken
so one-sidedly.

I think it interesting that all of the listed complaints seem to be from the Right.
Were there any from the Left?

Mickey Key

Well.... I liked your pick; of course, I am an "RR" Reformed Republican who likes to think I'm just a wee bit smarter than the ilks of Glenn Beck.

John Bailey


As an Independent, I can enjoy all of your humor. As a moderate to conservative, not so much. 8)

Your explaination was well written, but your talent is in your cartoons, more than in your words.

One poster's comment did not sit well with me and that is criticism of Pres. Obama is racist. I am an "equal opportunity" criticizer and gave Pres. Bush his fair share. We have seen the "race card" [and the "class envy card"] played way too much this election cycle.

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