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"The meterologists said a 100% chance of rain as soon as Kevin Siers published a cartoon about the drought."

Brilliant! I was actually thinking that Kevin probably found it irritating to do a contest about the drought and a day or so later, a monsoon hits.

suzanne & co.

That was actually my favorite!!! Clever, makes me wonder if Kevin wrote it himself!!!

ivy girl

No, Kevin didn't write it. But I could picture how steamed he must've been when he looked out the window last Monday morning!


Kevin, I'm so tired of your overworked cartoons portraying our dear Pesident Obama in a negative way. Some hubris on your part, let's have tea? Waiting...


This contest is rigged

Kevin Siers

. . . and those grapes are sour.

Jon Powers

"I was Colin Powell's handyman until he hired three illegal aliens.
That was my entry, but the Observer is so pro illegals that of course they wouldn't show it.

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