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Jerry Martin Davis

Pretty lame stuff to tellya da truth.

Jerry Martin Davis

I just realized that you people (the judges) are a bunch of republicans. Love ya 2 death. Traitors...

Mr. X



How does that caption have anything to do with the mirror on the wall? It doesn't even make sense.

Kevin Siers

It does make sense if you've been following the local news here in Charlotte -- Mr. Lewis made a great free-association comparing the DNC convention to the recently canceled American Renaissance convention here. Sometimes the best captions involve creatively combining disparate elements.


I understand the reference, that does not mean it makes sense with the picture drawn. You drew President Obama with a Charlotte Crown in front of the magic mirror, an obvious reference to the Grimm Fairy Tale. The mirror was bound to answer any question truthfully. What question did the president ask? "Mirror, mirror on the wall, will the Sheraton rent me a room?" Is the mirror the front desk at the hotel? A travel agent? A politician sending an e-mail?

Mr. Ladue's caption seems to be the only one that at the very least makes sense.

If you wanted to use Mr. Lewis' caption (as I am sure you did) then a drawing with the President standing with Jared Taylor overlooking Charlotte would have been a good one for that caption.

Kevin Siers

The drawing comes first. Then folks send in the captions. The judges, however flawed you believe their judgment was, thought Mr. Lewis' caption was the most imaginative of this week's batch.

suzanne & co.

Wow, a lot being said this week...All I have to say is you go Carolyn!!!! My favorite the past two weeks!!


Thanks, Suzanne!


"The drawing comes first."

I understand how the caption contest works, I was simply trying to point out a case where the caption you used would make sen....you know what? Nevermind, great job judges!

Kevin Siers

It's ok, we don't have to agree. That's what this comments section is for! I guess all I was trying to say is that a caption doesn't have to literally match the picture to be a winner. In fact, it's that imaginative free association that gives a caption that extra edge.

You're correct when you say that the picture you describe would match the caption we chose as the winner better. But perhaps it wouldn't have been as humorous. We received lots of captions this week that "matched" the drawing. Most of them said, "You are not the fairest of them all." Now, this isn't a bad caption, but if everybody sends it in, it can't be a winner -- a hundred people can't tie for first. While you say that having the mirror act as Obama's travel agent doesn't make sense, the idea struck the judges as funny -- and unique.


I have to agree with "Walker". The caption could have been a better fit for a dozen other cartoons, but this one was not it.

Jane Lewis

Get a life, people. It is a cartoon.

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