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Daniel Hill

Interesting that you would give the award to someone with a very distorted view of history.


I thought it was very accurate view of history!

Mr. X

Corny as always!! Kevin you have a knack for picking the worst.

I. Getit

I have come to realize that winning captions are the most liberal, sarcastic, and 'creative' (otherwise known as not necessarily true) submissions. So anyone with a contrary view might just not bother.


Boy, if that doesn't scream how liberal the CO is, I don't know what will. Every comment Kevin picks is stupid, but I guess he is just appealing to his cesspool fan base. Dumb art with dumb comments, any wonder why this paper is suffering? Not to me.

Daniel Hill

Reagan cut taxes and his Democrat-controlled Congress increased spending. So much for the liberals' version of the truth.


So much for guideline number one.

To help you get started, here's a few guidelines for writing winning captions.

The most important thing -- and the toughest -- is to keep it short!

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i wish we can all refund our taxes!

Aspen Paine

President Regan! Please grant me three wishes! I need to lower gas prices, help me stop the war, and the biggest miracle how to win a reelection.

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The author created wonderful caricature. He conveyed a real situation through this pisture.

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