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Cul de Sac, Luann, Mutts, and Rhymes with Orange are all staples in other newspapers. Why doesn't the Observer have them already?

Bob Summer

I vote for "Cul de Sac". But PLEASE don't use "Reply All".

Ted Lucas

Cul de Sac, Cul de Sac, Cul de Sac, and Mutts. Anything but that awful one running now.

Robert Lamb

Cul de Sac is delightful, but the current test strip "Reply All" is surely the most badly drawn and unfunny comic strip I have ever seen. Please do not consider using it.


I believe I have missed the deadline but here are my supremely advanced views:

Bring back F-Minus.

I'm amazed that people think that "Reply All" is drawn.

Best wishes,

Kay Stollmack

I believe that I have missed the deadline,but will offer my opinions anyway.
As the reader before me,I also liked F-Minus..would love to see that back in the strips.

Current comic "Reply All" is awful.The characters are to creepy to even look at..

Would like to see Mutts or Cul de Sac as the new comic,respectively.


Michael Rothwell

Mutts is a great comic. I miss it from when I got the Raleigh News and Observer. But whatever you choose, please make sure it is not "Reply All".

Mr Compton

Better late than never:

Cul de Sac!

Please pull Reply all before Monday's paper!

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