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suzanne & co.

Great winners, I really liked the better line, We're not practicing safe politics!

ray o

i liked that one too. (It was mine...)

Willie Hobson

I think your daily political cartoons are among the BEST in the nation! So, it is a MYSTERY to me how your judging/selection in the caption contests is, week after week, so atrocious.
MY OPINION: The Steele and Stout entries are much better than the "Winner" and first two runner-ups, as are one of MY entries ("It's a note from Tiger . . . says, 'Been there; done that.' ") and all of the following:

"Gulp . . John Edwards."

". . . number on that Proposition?"

"You cheated on a Kennedy . . . the irony."

"California Proposes Amendment to Commandment 7?"

“. . . getting our affairs in order.”

". . . to turn your domestic problems into a run for the Presidency!"

". . . when it comes to marriage, I'M the Terminator!"

"An affair with a staffer? That's soo 1996..."

Kevin Siers

Thanks . . . I think . . .

I never said we caption judges were infallible, just that our decision was final. Humor, as we have said here many times, is subjective, and there's bound to be disagreements as to what's a better caption. This is why we usually provide additional captions, so folks can look 'em over and perhaps find one they like better.

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