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Charles Randall

He is the President of the USA in a time of crisis and this is the "week of the Fourth" yet 95% of the "best" selections are negatives! Questions: Who's doing the "selecting"? Why so few positives?

Kevin Siers

The selectors are the same grizzled bunch who also provoke howls of outrage when the "best" selections reflect negatively on the Republicans.

Bill McGloughlin

Good one, Mike! Wish I'd thought of it.

Charles Randall

Kevin, your contests are my favorite pastime! I have missed entering very few since the very first one.
What concerned me was the cartoon, while thought provoking, was rather neutral and as capable of positive response as negative response yet those selected as "best" ones were overwhelmingly negative!Just asking and waiting for the Monday morning cartoon!! It makes my oatmeal seem like a real breakfast!

Joe Johnson

Charlie Rangel, Mr Siers is doing an excellent job with his cartoons. He's doing it the best way possible, mixing both sides of the political line. Any president in office will have negative and positive humor poked at them. That is why this is America, it is the freedom for all to express themselves in either way, even on the 4th. Don't worry, you'll have your Obama loving cartoon soon I'm sure.

Kevin Siers

I think it's the nature of editorial cartoons in general: humor is most always at someone's expense. When we feature Democrats in the captionless cartoons, they get mostly brickbats thrown at them. The "negative" captions far outnumber the "positive" ones, and are often more lively. It's the exact same situation when we feature a Republican. So when Obama is the 'star' of the cartoon, you're more likely to see negative captions about Obama, and when it's Palin, for instance, you're going to see mostly negative comments about her. And I don't think it's purely ideological, because I see the names of almost all the folks sending caption entries, and negative Democrat ones and the negative Republican ones are often by the same folks.


These captions had me rolling on the floor! You are great at what you do Kevin Siers. Keep up the great work!

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