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There were no worth runners-up, or 'better lines' this week. There was only one good one and you picked it.


I thought mine was good enough to at least make it a runner up!

"Your 401k just went up in Smokey!"


I don't agree with Ken that there were no good ones other than the winner, but the winner was outstanding. Congratualtions, Brent!


Yeah Brent, well played sir, well played.


Thanks guys, it's nice to be back in the winner's circle.

suzanne & co.

Great winner...but is someone else picking the winners?

Charles Randall

A very clever entry! Well done, Brent!

Kevin Siers

Ouch, suzanne, that hurt.

suzanne & co.

Sorry if it came out offensive, never meant it that way...

Kevin Siers

Offended? Me? I'm usually the worst offender. No, I was smiling through the pain -- your comment actually kinda tickled me . . . best wishes, all . . .

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