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What? No reference to 'Peanuts'?

suzanne & co.

Anyone else think this looked like the dish network commercial? Hawdilly:)

Kevin W

Anyone else think this thing is rigged? Those captions were terrible. Maybe I'm biased, but I thought mine was better: "George Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Osama Bin Laden were not very creative in their costume selections this year." Maybe not relevant enough?

Phil Clutts

I don't think the contest is "rigged," but as they say "Using these guidelines, the winning caption will be the one our judges think is the funniest. Their decision, however misguided, is final."
I sometimes think their decisions are muisguided too, but if I were a judge, surely some folks would think my decisions were "misguided."
I would like to know, though, how many judges there are and a little bit about them and the judging process.
I wonder what happened to the selected "also-rans" this week. At least it's a kind of sop to those of us who don't "make the cut" on any given week.
Also, is this a local contest or - more or less - a national one? I see a lot of out-of state winners/runners-up. Heck, it's tough for us Carolina folk to compete with them educated ones. :<)

Kevin Siers

The contest is open to anyone, anywhere, who wants to enter. It's local in the sense that it's not nationally syndicated and only appears in the Observer. And we often feature local political figures and situations. Because it's an online feature as well, it is beginning to attract a national audience. And I believe many of the out-of-state entries come from former Charlotteans keeping up with the hometown paper.

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how many judges there are and a little bit about them and the judging process.

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