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Bolyn McClung

Disappearing comics. This isn’t a new trend. About 30,000 years ago folks took the comic section more seriously. They’d wonder into a cave, torch in hand, and checkout the latest picture stories on the wall. Laughing out loud in a cave was a lot of fun.

But alas, the clay tablet and then papyrus sheet came along. The Babylonians created an alphabet and farmers learned to count sheep by making marks. Education meant putting away foolish drawings and getting about the serious business of words and mathematics. Point-in-case; the authors of the Dead-sea-scrolls were writers, not cartoonist.

For a brief time the cheap thrill of comics made a return. In America, comics were a way to transmit values to immigrants who couldn’t speak English. Comics were a way to learn the language. Our country accepted that if something were funny then it was good; even if it were bad.

In the early 1900’s comics moved back to its cave heritage. People like Walt Disney put drawings on celluloid and projected them on darkened cave-like walls in theaters. It proved evolution. Man and Woman had briefly ventured out of prehistoric times but always felt best sheltered in the cave with its drawings.

So today the comic page is in decline. I’ve seen the history. Comics will return. In the words only a kid of the 50’s and 60’s can comprehend, “What, me worry!”

Bolyn McClung


Just like the newspaper in general, when slanted politics started creeping into comics (and news reporting), people stopped reading them.

Kevin Siers

So you're saying 'Doonesbury' killed the comics? Or perhaps it was 'Pogo'? Or maybe 'Li'l Abner'?

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