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Congratulations, Mic Elvenstar! I racked my brain on this one, and came up empty. Great pun!


Wonderful, Mic!


The Christmas Tree line made me laugh out loud.

suzanne & co.

Perfect winner...liked Phil's and of course the christmas tree also got a laugh out of me!

Kevin Siers

The Christmas tree caption was very good. It was submitted by the always-funny Mr. Steven A. Meckler of Charlotte.

Ross Levin

Mic,that is superb.


Thanks, Suzanne. It's funny how it works, though. That was the first caption I thought of, but I listed it last out of the 13 I submitted. For example, I preferred “Yes, it’s been a lot of work, and no, I don’t have a match,” in reference to the Republicans' plan to undo everything Obama takes pride in.
Anyway, Kevin, we all appreciate that you consider every submission.

suzanne & co.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that submits more than 10 a week...

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