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suzanne & co.

Loved the clever Panthers caption,so out of the ordinary... but my favorite was Bill's!


Thanks Suzanne. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a compliment today.


Still think mine was better: "The toppings have been Liberal-ly applied!"


I think the judges did a good job selecting the winner and runners-up. Congrats to all and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving Carolyn.

Suzanne Churchill

The second runner up, referring to the "charred remains of the Cain candidacy," is not at all funny. No matter what you think of Cain and his candidacy, the caption makes an insensitive allusion to a painful history of lynching in America. Even if Mr. Bradley did not intend this reference, to refer to the "charred remains" of the candidacy of an African American man who has been charged with sexually harassing white women makes an unavoidable reference to violent lynching practices. I hope the editors of the Observer will remove this caption from the website.


Seriously Suzanne? You mean you didn't see the implication that "charred" was referring to the pizza with smoke rising above the box? Or did you, since you say "even if Mr. Bradley did not intend this reference" yet you still bring the race card in to try to stir up the pot. Tsk, Tsk, Suzanne.

suzanne & co.

Hey, just want to clear the air here, there are two Suzanne's in this comment section, and I'm not the one stirring up the pot... and have a Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!

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