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Good one, John.

suzanne & co.

Honestly, I think Kevin should have won this one:)


Nope, John's winner was the best of the group.

Phil Clutts

Kevin enters his own contest? Seems "misguided" and unlikely, but what do I know?


Kevin just wanted to share a cute caption that no one else thought of. Putting it at the end of the winners was a good way to get readers to notice it. I enjoyed all the winners this week. Bolyn's version of the UNC fight song amused me.

suzanne & co.

Seriously, that was just my way of saying I liked his caption out of all the entries...what others thought, well that's where the comment section comes in........


That’s a reasonable theory, Carolyn, and it was indeed a great caption, Suzanne. Let’s face it, if Kevin entered this contest under a pseudonym and it was judged by an impartial panel, he would probably be a winner or runner-up every time, clever as he is. My concern was that, in his limited space, he displaced a competitive entry from one of us Kevin-wannabees.

Kevin Siers

Of course, there's no worries on that score. This contest will never be judged by an 'impartial' panel -- I'm stuck with the job. So it's not likely I'll ever win. As far as displacing, I thought I was adding to the list, not taking away. I get asked a lot whether I have something in mind when I draw these captionless cartoons. The answer is, most of the time I don't have a clue as to what the caption should be. But sometimes things occur to me over the week -- this was just a rare opportunity to share.

suzanne & co.

Thanks for sharing! I've entered this contest long enough to know you were not in the running...need we say more!!!


It's hard to imagine drawing a cartoon without any caption in mind, but I guess that's the beauty of creative genius. :<)

Kevin Siers

"The beauty" is the creativity of the readers. I'll look at what I've drawn for this contest and say to myself, "This makes no sense whatsoever." Yet a number of readers every week write captions that make it seem like that was the idea all along.

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