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Grant Cates

If you give me a job, I will stop yelling!


"Myn owne John Poynz, sins ye delight to know, The cause why that homeward I me drawe: And fle the presse of courts wher so they goo: Rather than to live thrall, under the awe Of lordly lokes, wrappid within my cloke: To will and lust lerning to set a lawe; It is not for bicawse I skorne and moke The power of them, to whome fortune hath lent Charge over us, of Right, to strike the stroke: But true it is that I have alwayes ment Lesse to estime them then the common sort, Of owteward thinges, that judge in their entent. Withowte regarde what doeth inward resort. I grant some tyme that of glory the fyer Doth touch my hert; me list not to report Blame by honor, and honor to desire, But how may I this honor now attayne. That cannot dy the color blake a lyer?"


"I-am-an idiot! I-am-an idiot!"

Nosebleed Fan

I ate Taco Bell last night!!! Let me fart in your gas tank!!!

suzanne & co.

This megaphone was not "Made in China"!


My college education got me this megaphone!


I have the freedom to shout stupid things through this megaphone.

Scott Tredwell

Help! My parents rented out their basement while I was otherwise occupied.


"Hey! We're outta toilet paper behind the little boys' room!"

Kyle Taylor

“100 bottles of greed on the Wallstreet, 100 bottles of greed, take one down, others abound, 99 bottles of greed on the Wallstreet.”



"I could use a bailout when I get arrested!"


Does anyone know who owns the pit bull who's teeth are occupying my tie-dyed t-shirted friend's groin?


"I just saved 15% on my car insurance!"


Can you hear me now?


Amplify Tryon Street.


This Champions Sports 6 to 10-watt megaphone offers an 600-yard range. It includes an adjustable volume control and a wrist strap. Requires 8 AA batteries (not included). Country Of Origin: China


Justin, yours had me LOL!

Phil Mastroianni

Hello! Did anybody lose a megaphone?

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