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I collect but my oldest comics aren't worth as much, although I do have an Amazing Spiderman #4 which is in really great shape. Probably graded a 7. I feel that the CGC grading and standard of putting these comics in a sealed frame sort of takes away from true collectors like myself. They say once CGC seals a comic (like the Superman one shown above), you can never open it again or it voids the grading they give it. This practice to me takes away from what I believe collecting comics is all about, which is being able to read and enjoy them. There's a really amazing feeling to actually feel and touch, and even the smell of comics from the 1950s and 60s, just brings back a nostalgia from that era.

Kevin Siers

I couldn't agree more. My oldest comic is Fantastic Four #2, but it's been loved to death. Probably would get a CGC rating of -5.

Doorman Meers

"Neither the name of the buyer nor seller was disclosed."

I believe the seller to be Nicholas Cage, the actor. He has been a long time comic book collector and has been rumored to have a collection worth millions. This article states how he had an Action Comics #1 stolen and it was just recently found in August of this year.


Kevin Siers

Interesting! Sounds like it could be yet another sequel to the National Treasure movies.


2.16 million for a comic book? Someone has way to much money and very few brains.

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