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You're on a roll, Suzanne. Kevin will mail the originals to... Uh, oh.

Kevin Siers

If you guys get your winning December cartoons in February, please do not blame the mailman. The cartoonist takes full responsibility.


A streak has begun.

suzanne and co.

Send both captions together and save on the postage.. no matter how long it takes!


Congrats! You're on a roll!

Ross levin

Way to spin this one to make 2 in a row!

suzanne and co.

Thank you again to all the well wishers, this one was a special win! My brother is a mailman and as many are in fear of losing their jobs..it hit home and for many others the web is taking over, all jobs for that matter!

Kenneth Irving

I haven't been active in the caption contest in quite a while, but I used to participate regularly. On those rare occasions when Kevin and company decided that my entry was worthy of the prize, Suzanne was usually first to offer her congratulations. Her enthusiasm for this contest, win or lose, was one of the reasons I enjoyed playing so much. I am pleased, although not surprised, to see that she has won two in a row. Double congrats Suzanne, now let's make it a triple!

suzanne and co.

Is it possible to be speechless twice in a row?

Ross Levin

Is it possible to win YNTC three times in a row!!!! Go Suzanne!


Win again this week and your speechless lips may be sealed indefinitely! Oh, wait! There's still e-mail. :<)
And your brother's a mailman!? A serious conflict of interest here. Oh well, if you keep up the streak, I definitely won't "go postal" on you. You're a winner in my book (and, more importantly, in Kevin's).
Congrats again, Suzanne.

John Bailey

Suzanne, congratulations. A back to back winner! Fantastic, although I did hear rumors that you were Kevin's sister. [Just kidding Kevin.]

At this rate, you will soon have a comic strip of your own. 8)

Well done.

Kevin Siers

Sometimes I pick out the winner all by my lonesome; sometimes I compile a half a dozen finalist captions, with no names attached, and pass them among a select group of seasoned humor professionals -- or whoever I can round up at the time. This week they had no way of knowing they had a potential repeat winner in the mix when they chose Suzanne's caption.

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