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Wow. I guess the outpouring of compliments goes out the window when someone you don't know wins.

I'll be the first to say it. Congrats, John! Solid win!

suzanne & co.

Congratulation to all the winners, so glad the pressure is off!


You got that right, Tom. The Mutual Admiration Society is a little silent.

Ross Levin

Thanks for the props Kev.
Hey Suzanne, 3 in a row would have been a monopoly!

Kevin Siers

I apologize for being later than usual getting this post up. It was a hectic day. Thanks to all for participating and join us again Monday for a new challenge.

suzanne & co.

Thanks Kevin for stating the obvious, A Big Congrats again to John, Ross, Carolyn, Lou Marcus and Doug....and to Phil I will keep pluggin!!!

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