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Kevin Siers

In the interest of being Fair and Balanced, I should let folks know that not everyone was enthusiastic about this week's contest illustration. A letter writer from South Carolina on Monday told us:

". . . this week's challenge cartoon is just plain tasteless. No doubt the Obama haters will get a hoot from this garbage and it will make the rounds on the Internet, but how can you pick a caption for next Monday's edition and call it a "winner." Get rid of this guy and let him go to work for Fox."

(That explains the "Fair and Balanced" bit). Still, the judges thought Mr. Clutts' entry was a winner, no matter what your political persuasion.

suzanne & co.

I took this cartoon a couple of different ways and tasteless was not one of them...My favorite was Bill's but kudo's to Carolyn...


Kevin, the letter you received is the reason this nation is so hyper sensitive about the dumbest things and why so many people in the public eye feel like they have to tip-toe not to offend anyone. How is a political cartoon with Obama in a can of worms offensive? It's a can of worms! You're working with the "I've opened a can of worms" idiom to come up with a smart and clever caption, as all of the winners seemed to do without fail. Did the reader live under a rock when Bush was President for 8 years and just about every political cartoon took a jab at him? Because I'm sure you didn't hear from him/her then.

To the SC writer: the purpose of these political cartoons is to show a little cynicism in a humorous way. Get over it, Grumpy!

Ross Levin

Oh Kevin, always having to wiggle your way out of something!


Well said, Brandon. I'm an Obama supporter and see nothing wrong with depicting him this way. I think he'd laugh at it. Suzanne, thanks for the compliment. Kevin, thanks for choosing one of my entries as a runner-up. Congrats to Phil, Steve, Bill, and Brandon.

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