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Larry Bumgarner

Why are they not cave men, that is the usual thing you print for those against the agenda?

suzanne & co.

I thought my "Odd Couple" had a chance but after seeing the winner, I got crushed! This one was truly the most difficult for me!

Gary Ellison

Surprised my "Thought you said we were on solid footing." didn't make the cut.


Mine was too wordy to send in, but here it is:

"Settled then. I get to lead at the first dance. Bill, you get early access to the buffet."

Phil Clutts

I had hoped this one would at least make the also-rans:

“This must be Betty Crocker’s decadent cake mix.”


"The Boys in the Banned"


Boys in the banned...very funny!


Right on, Russ!


Russ, you nailed it!


Thanks. A lot of great entries and suggestions in the comments as well!

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