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suzanne & co.

I don't know about anyone else but I scratched my head over this one, so kudo's to Patrick for such a clever caption...I could never have come up with that one, as a matter of fact I haven't come up with anything worthy since my back-to-back winners....That's not my boy was the best I could do!!!!! and that's not saying much by looking at the winners..Happy Father's day to all the father's out there!!!!

Cathy Cannon

Great reference, very clever!



Brilliant! Congratulations.


I know, I know....mine are just not funny-clever enough:

1) "Oh, Pa, it's just part of the school's cultural diversity unit."

2) "That's fine, Opie, as long as your teacher doesn't forget the chapter on drones."


Great winner!


I'm with you Suzanne. Even the winner I think is going over my head. Did I miss a news story or is the juxtapose of Andy and some Anarchist kid going fishing a whaaaa?

Kevin Siers

Inside a cartoonist's mind can be a scary, dark, empty, cavernous space, but here's a quick look anyway, since folks often ask what I had in mind when I come up a captionless cartoon image. The answer, as I've said before, is "not much."

In this instance: Wanted to come up with something that played off the Father's Day weekend. So started to play around with various images that said something about Fatherhood -- one of the first ones that came to mind was the famous image of Andy and Opie hand in hand. Of course, every image needs a twist to turn it into a cartoon: in this instance, the Mayberry lawman with an Occupy anarchist in tow. It doesn't mean anything until you, the reader, come up with the perfect caption to have it all make sense. It amazes me, week after week, that you folks almost always do.

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