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Frieda  Coviello

Congrats to Ross,& also to Suzanne!!You're on a roll!!!!!!


Good one! I really like "I just found Bev's Charlotte office" too.

suzanne & co.

Loved the winner!!! I also liked the one about Bev's office....


Congratulations to Ross and the runners-up!


I liked mine, "Freebird!".

Obviously, I was alone in my opinion.


Steve-O; Actually, "Freebird!" isn't that bad, but "What song is it you wanna hear?" might have been better. But hey, it's all good.


Mine was "Don't give me your tired, you poor, your huddled masses..."
if suzanne & co likes it, then i'm happy

Pat Travell

Sorta mild. A mention of Duke Power would have been appropriate. As in "Are you feeling the power???! (or something)


well, my elvis joke was deliberately mild, and it won...

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