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At first, I was a little put off that I didn't see mine on here ("We're overcharging you in order to renovate our restaurant"), but I can see why Kevin mentioned how tough it was this week to select any of them. These are all really good! Props to Tom and the rest!


I agree Brandon. There were so many ways to go with this one! Winner and selections are excellent. Congrats!


David's is hilarious!


Excellent captions this week!


Thanks, your comments are very much appreciated. There were a number of really good entries.

suzanne & co.

Congrats to Tom, can't pick out my fav this week because they're all great ones......

Phil Clutts

I too liked the captions, but thought there might be a few with football connections, like these:

“We don’t call it a ‘penalty,’ monsieur. It’s the check.”
“After further review, the total is confirmed, monsieur.”
“There’s no free lunch here. Try our franchise in LA.”
“Excellent game face, monsieur.”

Anyway, congrats to all. BTW, today's mail brought me a note from a New Jersey resident who has been a contest winner. He likes the idea of a get-together. If he's willing to come all the way from NJ, surely there are a few more local ones out there who would "sign up." Kudos to Ross for suggesting it.


Phil and Ross,

You can create a short free survey using http://www.surveymonkey.com/ . You can select up to 10 questions (fill-in-the-blank and/or multiple choice) and can have up to 100 respondents. You could create the survey and put a link into the caption comments. This might be an easy way to collect contact info and preferred days and times.


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