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I've got it figured out.! Kevin is married to Bill's sister. Enjoyed them all.


Morey; I don't know where THAT came from, but it's so much funnier than you realize. Anyway, cingratulations, once again, to Phil.


OK, "congratulations." I wasn't hired for my typing skills.


Wasn't intended as an insult, just an attempt at humor and recognition to Bill's top dog staus. I apologize if it was insulting.


Congratulations to all. Both Phil and Bill have been on a roll. I thought the Gerry Mander one in the other good ones was funny.


Morey; No offense taken. Problem with text communication. No inflection or nuance. Thanks for the complement. Still friends?

suzanne & co.

Congrats to all the winners, Bill and Elton were the laugh I needed today!!!!

Phil Clutts

Roses are red,
Etcetera, etcetera,
The captioneers' lines,
Get betta and betta.

Groan, thanks, and kudos to all. :<)


Congrats Phil!!! You gotta lotta heart. Congrats to the others as well!

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