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Awww Kevin, you whiffed picking this one. Dan's is the clear winner with Bill and Carolyn tied for 2nd.

suzanne & co.

Congrats to all the winners....especially Carolyn.....I have to admit I thought I lost it since December's win.....but always good to see your name regardless...thanks Kevin


Good to see so many ladies in the winner's list. Congrats to all. Thanks for the compliments Steve and Suzanne, and to Kevin for incuding me. Actually there are many operas with happy endings and funny dialog too.


They are all a hoot this week but Dan's had me rolling!!! Good job all!


Congrats to all the winners and mentions! Good to see the ever growing list of captioneers.

Kevin Siers

Sorry, the judges and I couldn't resist this winner. The combination of political pessimism and classical reference was too much for us to pass by. I've turned the winning caption into a link for those less-classically educated.

Frieda  Coviello

Congrats to all the winners! I especially liked Suzanne's & Dan's. They were the perfect "long & short" of it!!!!!!


Thanks for enhancing my classical education. The link definitely shows why Pam is the winner.


oh boy, some of the comments don't really matter coming from whom they are and some have clearly jealousy


I'm also talking about last week's comments like the one from Ross


Phil you space YOUR jokes as YOU like


yes, he measures the distance between jokes, then gives his critiques.


Considering the comment about the 'ever growing list' - what an apt cartoon, depicting a woman who totally dominates men.

Bobcat Fan

And what's wrong with that? BTW, Bill and rina appear to be the ones who are jealous.


Ppl who don't have anything to do with this shouldn't be writing
anything on this

Kevin Siers

The caption contest comments are open to all. The contest doesn't belong just to those who send in stuff -- after all, they're doing to entertain all the readers of the Charlotte Observer. Can't be for the pay.

While multiple viewpoints are welcome (and necessary for any dialogue), let's try to keep the conversation courteous.

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