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suzanne & co.

Great winners again, best one for me was Phil's....I reached a highlighted moment myself!!

Kevin Siers

It's a highlighted link because I appreciated your research! :)

suzanne & co.

It was the highlight of my morning....thanks:)


I loved all the winners, but Bolyn's stands out as one of the better ones in recent months.


Really, no Black Knight quotes (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, that Black Knight)?


I'd like the winning comment better if I hadn't followed the President on twitter for too long, keeping up with what all camps are saying, but I had to stop following him because I only read anti-GOP comments, no thought came out to me when I read them that the President was trying anything bipartisan which is how I think our President should act when elected since he's President of all the citizens.
Yea, I know, wrong place to bring in the soap box.


I like the Anthony Weiner one the best. That one had me rolling.


Thanks, Suzanne. Your comment was a highlight for me. :<) See you on June 15th?
I thought the winner was clever, but am sympathetic to Karen’s point of view. One of my submissions that didn’t make the cut was “Some members of his staff were chiselers.”

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