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Congratulations to all. Lee, great to see you back. We've missed you.


Good punchlines, enjoyed the whole list. Even a couple of the "also rans" should be in the top section.


Speaking of conventions, was their a "Captioneers Convention" on June 15, as planned? Without details and confirmation during the long break, I didn't want to risk being the only one there. Do you want to try again, Ross?


First, congrats to the winner's and all the mentions. To answer you Phil, we had 7 RSVP so 8 total including me. 4 showed and we had a great time connecting. Would love to do another one as we talked more about our family, how long in Charlotte and the area, likes, etc than we did about YWTC. It's hazy but II think Kevin came up as a subject a few times. All in all, just a really fun nice time. We'll do another.


I have to say, Lee, Steve, Bill, Phil. That's an All Star line up we'll see printed Monday Morning!


The Captioneer's Convention was fun. Ross, thanks again for organizing.

suzanne & co.

Great one Lee, but again Phil was my favorite....from one Captioneer to another...thanks for the memories:)


I'm really sorry I missed the gathering, Ross. I'll be there next time. Were there any captioneer spouses/significant others there?
Thanks for your comments again, Suzanne. Still hoping to meet you and the others at a future get-together.


We had Suzanne & co, Frank, Carolyn, and me. Lot's of fun!

Skyler the Weird

"I was hoping those stories about the bad accommodations at the DNC were wrong."

Just Bill

Hmm, it almost seems like letting the captions "ferment" makes them better. But I don't know if I can hendle more three-week delays. All were good, but John's entry made me laugh. As for the CAptioneers Convention, my wife and I wanted to go, but the compination of uncertainty and other unforseens kept us home. Maybe next time?

Kevin Siers

We will serve no caption before its time.

Thanks again to all for participating and for your patience while I was on the mandatory McClatchy furlough. Just a warning, YWTC will be taking another (much shorter) summer break soon, this one the weekend after July 4th.

If a future gathering is in the works, I'll try to help better with communications. During my absence, I forgot that the comments section here shuts off automatically after one week (to keep the automated spammers out) and thus cut off the party line for those wanting to discuss the captioneer gathering. I can change that setting if we need to.

We'll be back Monday with a new honey of a challenge.


hmmmm, a hint?


Hate I couldn't make the meet up. Was dealing with a tree on the house from the storm. Maybe next time. Great captions last week.

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