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suzanne & co.

Told you so, honey!!!!!! Of course being partial to the winner, great ones this week!!!! :)


Congratulations to Frank and the runners-up!


Way to go Frank. Maybe our get together gave you inspiration. Also, congrats to all others. I will try to nail a date down for another Captioneer get together. Would like to aim before school starts up. Not sure if I'll do Survey again, just pick a Saturday and who can make it can make it. Whadayall think?


Let's do it, Ross. Instead of the survey, maybe you could go with Carolyn's idea in January, namely, that "a coordinator ... could set up an extra account on gmail, yahoo, etc. The account could be listed in the comments in the form: captioneer at gmail.com. This would prevent a lot of spam. It could also be closed after the volunteer has everyone's address." That might come in handy in situations like the recent one.
Any Saturday is fine by me but preferably not July 20, when my wife will be out of town (assuming she would be welcome).


Phil, great idea. I will get with Carolyn. All are welcome!

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