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Scott Harrell

Tossed scandals today – I mean tossed salads today!

Houston VanHoy

"Do you think your daughter Chelsea would like to do an internship in the White House Oval Office?"


"John Boehner, nuff said"


"I don't know what I'm doing either... but I keep getting elected"

John Lynch

Smear? I thought you said beer summit.


Oh, biding time! I thought you said Biden time.


"every policy decision for the past five years was a republican idea - and yet the republicans hate you and the democrats love you!"

Dale Stout

You'll trade me Joe for Bill?

Dale Stout

Yeah, I got that same text from Anthony Weiner.

Dale Stout

You can't fool all the people all of the time, but we've done pretty well.


Barack just finish saying,""You're likable enough, Hillary."


Republicans Don't Have A Clue About Me and You, They
Just Do Treason, Hate And Racism To Screw Up America!

c potts

Agreed, one day the 90% of America that has been hurt financially by the "Trickle Down Hoax" will wake up...why does GOP get a free ride w/ Bush admin war & 5 trillion deficit. What a snow job-baffling voters with innuendo, loose facts & social lightening rod issues. Funny how they did not get the message in 2012 yet they continue the ludicrous obstruction with negative approval ratings.

Ray O

...Burp... Sorry, did I get any Boehner on you?

charles randall

On Fox News this evening this will be a picture of the two of us eating our children.

The Boger City Kid

"Bill's in the hallway outside the oval office!"


"I love how the taxpayers keep feeding us".


"...so I told her that I didn't like cigars as much as Bill did."


"Your Vice President? Nah, how about your Vice Czar?!"

big gulps

Who needs a binder full of women when I've got you


We have so much in common - the American people didn't like your health-care program either.

K.  Barrett

He sez: They actually believe I'm going to leave after two terms!

She sez: What difference does it make now.

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