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suzanne & co.

Congrats to Phil, glad to see "The Unusual Suspects" are back...there were many Orr better lines and that's were I went with this one...

Just Bill

Hmm, have I started something? Could be. Congrats to Phil - two runners-up last week and a winner this week. Impressive. Oh, and for Carolyn, the new Captioneers Convention link;

Phil Clutts

Thanks, Suzanne and Bill, and kudos to this week's other captioneers. I'm always happy for any caption selection, but confess that I was partial to "We need a new Dream Team!"
Let me take this opportunity to comment on Kevin's wife's "For the Record" observations on yesterday's editorial page. I am a supporter of, and occasional gleaner for, The Society of Saint Andrew, for which Blish Siers is the Charlotte area coordinator. While Kevin and I may see things differently politically, her remarks were right on target, namely that farmers deserved that tax break for donating food to the hungry. All parties concerned are indeed victims of legislative "folly." I thank Kevin and Blish for their service while scratching my head over why the Republican legislators are giving themselves another black eye.
Read about SOSA's local "doings" at http://www.endhunger.org/nc/index.htm.

Phil Clutts

Correction: That's Jean Siers (Jean Blish Siers, to be exact). Sorry Jean.
I thought the issue was worth writing my Congressman about (Richard Hudson). Some of you might want to consider doing the same.


Congratulations to all. Yes, Bill you have started something. We love being the "Unusual Suspects".


Congrats top all the winners!

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